In Case of Emergency, Dial 911



To empower Search and Rescue Operational Units and their Citizen First Responders.

The King County Search and Rescue Association (KCSARA) exists to promote cooperation between its Member Units, to represent and be their unified voice and to advocate for matters that affect or require the support of multiple Units.

Values Statement

  • Clarity of purpose and direction
  • Unity of voice
  • Equitable use of resources
  • Respect for the work of member units
  • Culture of collaboration and inclusivity
  • Consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine

Core Objectives

  • A unified voice and advocacy for Member Units.
  • Public relations and promotion of KCSARA and its Member Units
  • Committees and working groups to address matters beyond the scope of an individual Unit.
  • Draw on the expertise available within individual Units to develop and maintain training and academies for all required standards along with complementary enrichment curriculum.
  • Administrative support and financial assistance to Member Units so they are able to focus on conducting Search and Rescue operations.
  • Development and management of an assembly of leaders to discuss and evaluate the ongoing application of Search and Rescue tactics and strategy between Member Units and with external entities.
KCSARA also strives to:

Educate the public in wilderness safety by leveraging resources of the individual Units

Promote cooperation with other responsible entities involved in Search and Rescue